For a long time I didn’t think I was capable of doing certain things

I told myself I couldn’t

One day a light switch flipped for me it wasn’t easy but soon I believed more in myself than anyone around me

With that belief I saw people who were pushing me to go farther and harder than ever before

As the fire lit inside of me people around me were drawn to what I had

My family was inspired again

We began to dream together and plan together

Life no longer was coming at us we were attacking the day

Living life and feeling great along the way

I have never felt stronger or more on fire than I do running harder and faster to new goals

How do you flip your switch?

How do continue to keep the flame lit when you feel burned out and stressed?

We tend to want the easy version. The one that doesn’t require us to show up or spend money.

However your best self comes from investing in yourself.

I can’t tell you what that looks like for you but I can give you the tools so you can determine for yourself.

Simply put YOU have to learn where YOUR reset button is and once that occurs LIFE BECOMES EASY


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