Everyone seems to be in a funk lately and its time to get back in the game.

I have been asked over and over how to start today to gain more confidence and motivation to complete your day.

I decided it was time to get my 4 steps out to help you get back in the game.





It is crazy how one water bottle can change your day, but it can. At the beginning of the month I made it a point to drink one bottle of water each morning when my feet hit the ground.

Focus the rest of the day on drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water.

Drink a bottle of water prior to eating any meal.

This one step can change you so much. Glowing skin, healthier body, increased energy.

In times where we are focused on everyone else, it is imperative to remind yourself of your power.

Put your phone down, turn on your favorite music, go walk or run... no Phone calls, no social media, no texts... Just you and the music...

This is my favorite time to connect with Jesus. I hear his voice best during times of music and exercise.

My health and wellness site can be found here if you are looking for more.

Eliminating Stress can be the hardest obstacle for many of us.

  1. Take care of an easy task first so you feel accomplished

  2. Outline your day with 4 tasks.

  3. Easy

  4. Needs to be done today (deadline)

  5. Makes you happy

  6. what needs to start today to finish on time

  7. Find a place to work that increases your productivity and gives you peace.

  8. Take breaks throughout the day to increase your brain activity.

Do Something that makes you happy. The first day it may just be journaling on those things that do make you happy. That is ok. Journaling is a way for your brain to sort out all the mush. You will find that writing begins to reset your mind. I can't tell you what makes you happy that you have to figure out for yourself, but I can guide you through the process.

You can download the journal here

I am booking Next Level Chatts now... This is a great way to get on my schedule and have a live chat about where you are struggling with motivation, confidence, inspiration and more. I have knack for seeing where you need to go with your business and life. I love helping people realize their ultimate potential and move forward with success.

You can visit bookings to grab your time slot. 90 minutes to get back on track.

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