The year was 2009 and you are about to walk with me on the most gut wrenching journey I have ever faced.

My son had been in the hospital after numerous bowel surgeries and the words came like nails on a chalkboard.

My momma the one who should be in the room with me was now waging war on her own. I was 29 with a baby in NICU and a mom who was diagnosed with cancer.

Looking back now all these years later I can see how God took care of me. I can see all the "But God" moments. But during that time I was so frail and damaged all I knew to do was to fight.

In 2008 God had given me my dream job working for a Breast Cancer Center. I had a passion for the issue from my sorority days. That all changed quickly as my doctors and nurses began to save my own mothers life.

She was a true champ trying so hard to be with me at the hospital while warring on her own. I look back and have no clue how she held up the way she did, But God.

I remember the day like it was yesterday.... I was alone in the NICU room singing Amazing Grace as the most unlikely angel came up to me tattooed from head to toe and held me. "Ma'am I don't know why but God told me to come tell you he is going to be ok"... Tears began to stream down my face at the magnitude of her statement.

It was in that moment God brought me peace. My mother and my son had surgery a day a part. One to repair the damage one to remove the cancer.

I was supposed to be the nurse for both of them but I found myself in a ball on the floor just praying the pain I was experiencing away.

I look at them now and see a football playing baseball loving boy and think how are you the same baby I cried out to God over in that NICU room. My mother is looking at retirement and the good years and all I can think of is how I prayed for her to make it here.

So when you think of our family and how God has helped us in the trials remember the Ribbon and the Roses.

Remember in your own life to look for the But God moments. He didn't have to give me that job but I swear it saved my mother's life. It saved my son's life too. Without that job neither of them would have had the doctors they had. Neither I believe would still be here today.

All because God stepped in and made waves.

I am thankful in this season that I can still remember the Ribbon for my mother and the Roses for my son and know that But God everything could have changed.

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