The Bait and Switch

Does your social media feel like it’s a bait and switch game?

You know those post that you feel icky posting but all the gurus say you need to post this way to get leads...

Guess what?!?!

No you absolutely do not have to post that way!

In fact when I see my team is giving away $1000 if you comment... I see SCAM and run.

There is a better way to market yourself. There truly is!

If you want to do a giveaway great! Do it so that everyone knows up front what to do to be entered!

Baiting people in and then messaging them do this to be entered only hurts your business.

Ask questions that will build a faithful audience with no strings attached.

Be upfront and authentic with who you are and what you do!

Create a feed that uplifts people and grows them to their utmost potential!

That’s when your organic leads begin to pour in! They are watching you! If your feed seems cheesy sleazy and over the top your are not attracting your ideal client.

Starting today lead from the front with a service driven mindset. Create a place that allows people to learn and grow.

Bring people along in your journey that’s how you become the authority.

Your warm market becomes HOT when you provide value.

Value is sharing market trends, value is providing home decor ideas, value is being inspiring, value is motivating yourself when you don‘t feel motivated.

You will be amazed at what happens when you show up in your space without the bait and switch.


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