When did it become ok to silence a woman when she spoke? Especially when those views aren't what we anticipated?

I remember my first time being silenced in kindergarten. I didn't know I was wrong I simply told a boy in class his superman underwear was showing. Isn't that something someone would want to know? Sitting in that timeout was the first time I determined my opinion didn't matter.

It seemed to be a recurring theme in my life. I was bold and spoke out when others sat in silence. Each time I was controversial or "annoying" the words be quiet were spoken over me and back in my shell I went.

My senior year was the year I learned first hand how horrible people can be. Especially adults to a child. My senior year leaders in my church blasted my name and character because they BELIEVED another adult instead of KNOWING who I was as a God fearing adolescent.

That moment that time silenced my voice in a big way. It was so monumental in my life I still today fight the demons. We all fight those demons right? The demons that say you don't matter, you are not enough, you can't, no one will listen... I could go on...

So how do we remove those words and flip the switch? It's not easy... I have found journaling and focusing on the people around me helps me to see all the places I am making a difference.

As I begin a new journey I know that there are many times I will get broke down. I know that I will find it hard to speak up, but I also know what is coming is far bigger and better than what is behind me.

So how do I stay positive and not revert back to the girl who was silenced?

It took a call with an amazing Pastor who broke me down and built me back up from the rubble of all the times I was silenced.

The best advise she gave me was using my own voice to speak life over myself. Who know garage band was for grown women too?

If you are in need of a journal to help you reset your mind it is time to download the 6 Steps workbook in the store.

Learning that your voice matters can be the biggest breakthrough of your life. It is not however easy. Your friends can tell you, your husband can tell you, but until you convince yourself that you have something the world needs you won't live up to your ultimate potential.

Jesus needs you to step out in all your beautiful mess and provide value to his people.

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