Merry and Bright

No Christmas card this year is definitely on point for 2020.

While we could complain and mourn the year that could have been we sit on Christmas Eve extremely blessed.

This year started out in a blaze of a new career path for me that blessed us with exactly what we needed in the season.

Fast forward to the pandemic where Phillip Shelton continued to be essential as he and his company stayed up with the new demands of sanitation.

The kids adjusted to virtual school and Jacob remains healthy which as CF parents is the biggest gift.

We still had a great year of baseball and he continues to work with some of the best instructors honing his craft.

Mallory began babysitting the most adorable kiddos. She works to produce tshirts for Parker Grace and still is the most amazing cheerleader. All while taking high school classes as an 8th grader.

Pat continues to run kiddos around and make sure the house stays a float with everyone going to sports and work.

In the midst of it all we still enjoyed so much family time.

The pandemic brought about new old feelings for me that I just couldn’t let go. My heart knew it was time to go back to nursing and that the break had been long enough.

I knew I needed to help more people and I could do that caring for them.

The Tuesday before my grandmother died I was able to tell her I was accepted to Nurse Practitioner school. Her words will forever be on my heart and were exactly what I needed to know this is the right path.

Her legacy continued as we all were able to have Christmas together and cousins got time to slow down and enjoy just being together.

We are so thankful for our Chattanooga friends who have turned into family and stepped in when we needed them most.

We don’t know what the future holds but we know who holds it. And because He lives we can face tomorrow.

May you take this day to reflect on your blessings in the middle of your mess.

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