One of my main goals is for my audience to know me.

Not the FB or Insta me... ME...

I am a hot mess... my house is usually messy...

In fact I have a sign that says “This house is for living it’s not for show if you don’t like you know where to go” 😉

My point is being transparent doesn’t mean sharing every secret but it does mean that my friends who see me everyday don’t think twice about the online me vs real...

In fact my page is named The Real Amanda Shelton for 2 purposes

First and foremost because I want you to know ME the REAL ME. The messy crazy sassy ME.

Second the obvious reason I am a realtor 😂

Life isn’t perfect... it’s messy...

Are you sitting with people who know your mess and love you anyway


Is the real you in hiding from fear of being uncovered!

Good news friend we are all sinners! 🤷🏼‍♀️

We are all MESSY!!

It’s time for you to show up as you and leave the rest of it behind.

I double dog dare you to start today running scared to your passion!

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