The legacy of Deke and Pup is one of family, love and laughter. 

They are one of the last true southern power couples.

They never met a stranger and always lended a hand.

Their love for their family blood or not was what made them so special.

Being in their presence meant you became so much more. 

They brought out your very best. 

Coming back home meant time got a little bit slower. 

There were board games, your favorite food and tons of laughs.

When they called you showed up to do whatever was needed. We moved furniture and repaired what ever needed to be repaired. 

I truly think sometimes they made up something because they needed to see us.

I will miss the good ole days of vacations to white sands. Cousins were more than cousins they were siblings. We fought we were mischievous but they still took us everywhere.

They would want us to continue their legacy of loving family. 

They need us to take care of each other and those around us. 

We honor them in the way we live, the way we love and the way we care. 

When we meet them in heaven I pray they smile and give us the biggest HEELLLOO and say I am so proud of what you have done. 

Now it seems an era is gone. We all have spread our wings. Some of us have strayed. Some of us are working to come back home. No matter where we are though we know in a world where many don’t continue to have your back there will always be a Kendrick who does.

I never thought one tiny town and one home could mean so much to so many people. 

Where coming home has nothing to do with the town but the family that is there. 

We have all grown and changed. We have had moments where we thought this life was never for us. 

Then one of them, a memory, a call would remind you just who you were and how you were meant to live. 

I wish I could hold onto this feeling a little longer but life continues to carry me away. 

I pray my home is an example of theirs. I pray my marriage boasts their legacy. Above all I pray I continue to make them proud. 

Because no matter my last name I am a Kendrick. 

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