Just a Girl and Her Shoes

As I began my new journey I needed something to help me be confident in my purpose.  I knew I had amazing knowledge and the right team behind me. I can be my worst critic though.  I needed something visual for me so that every time I needed to be bold I would.  First I tried the purple hair and it worked but for me it was too much up keep.  Then the idea hit me like a ton of bricks. I tell everyone to STEP INTO their purpose.  I guide women to see their calling and WALK boldly.  Now it was my turn to do the same.  When you work with me you get my amazing knowledge of the market, my incredible marketing skills, my unwavering faith in God’s plan for you and a girl in the most fashionable pair of SHOES!  Each time I slip on my heels whether cheetah or glitter you know something amazing is about to go down! Each of us needs some type of reminder that we can do the hard things.  So when your confidence is down and you need to feel powerful find something that makes you feel beautiful, powerful and loved.  Throw it on with the confidence of a four year old in a Superman cape and attack your day!  It’s time my friend to STEP INTO your God given purpose!  The haters will be there anyway throw on your glittery @michaelkors and walk a way from them LIKE A BOSS!  I can’t force you out of your chair of fear, anxiety and stress but I can give you the tools that will set you in the right steps to an amazing journey!  If you need confidence, motivation and a great marketing plan for yourself or your home it’s time to hop in my inbox! 


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