I used to think I had to conquer everything in a day. My to do list overwhelmed me to the point of anxiety.

The tasks were so daunting...

You know what I missed out on... the thing that is most important.


Time with my family and friends because everything else seemed so big. I struggled to find my place because I was missing out on the most important thing...

The people who matter...

My husband got my leftovers...

My kids well they got whatever was left after that...

Anybody else was flat out of luck. I just wasn’t there.

I put so much emphasis on the things that were not important in the long run.

It is so freeing when you put everything aside and love people. Your heart will burst and everything will simply fall into place.

Girl... get up off the floor... don’t worry about the piles of laundry 🧺

Do something today that’s absolutely what you would do with your last minute of your last day on Earth...

Because as cliche as it is...

Those that matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter!!!

You my sweet friend have more to give than just getting by.

There is magic in loving big and doing more for the people around you.

Its ok to take the break. It’s ok to slow down. It’s ok to have a dirty floor or dishes in the sink.

The people who love you most want you happy and present!


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