Today, today I empower women to move passed their analysis paralysis into creating a successful real estate business by establishing their own online personal brand. 


I remember the fear and excitement taking my first headshot.

This was really happening. I felt for once I was stepping into exactly who God needed me to be. 

I was so scared. I had no clue how I was going to become the it girl and not be judged by all my “friends” who were already in real estate. 

Thankfully I had an amazing mentor and group to work with, trust me I studied and aligned with a company that felt like my brand. 

I didn’t have my brand down but I knew it would scream luxury, boutique, fresh, special, high end. 

I was stuck though in analysis paralysis one question would get me 185 different responses and none of them helped. 

It wasn’t until I got true with myself and who I wanted to be that everything began to change. 

I went from confused to building my empire. 

I want this for you as well...

Creating your online presence should be easy because it’s an extension of YOU... not the 185 answers you have received.

Who you are online is more than the company you work for or who your mentor is... 

IT IS stepping into your God given purpose... 

IT IS creating a brand that is unapologetically you.

IT IS becoming exactly who you want to be..

What if I moved you from self doubt to self assured? 

What if I gave you the steps to building your online brand that were easy and simple? 

What if you could identify  who you want to work with and attract them to work with you?

Having a clear brand and message right out of school helps you to set yourself apart from the crowd. 

How would you feel if posting to social media was as easy as talking to a friend? 

It’s easy when you know the right steps. 

It’s time for you to gain your motivation, increase your confidence, and overcome objections like a boss. 

It’s not so scary anymore is it? 


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