Be That Girl


My heart has been aching over circumstances I can’t control but are nonetheless gut wrenching.

I prayed feverishly for the right words today.

I really don’t know that I have them.

When you see hate spewed spew love.

When you see hurt show grace.

When the world around you seems too out of control be the change.

Change starts in your own heart. It begins in your own mind.

Hatred comes from a place of fear and both are of satan.

Focus in on the truths. Focus in on what is right and pure.

Have faith in the good. Have faith in God’s Devine plan.

Be the girl who is the change each day by how she loves, how she shows grace, and how she shows up for other people.

I will never be able to remove the hate in someone else’s heart but I can in my own.

So today I choose LOVE.

Today I choose Happy.

Today I choose Joy!

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